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Please see our Pandemic Policy here.

We are taking many measures to ensure your children have a fun and safe childcare experience. We are governed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority. We follow their Child Care Licensing Guidelines. Please explore their website for further information. We are also following guidelines set out by the BC Centre for Disease Control. Please see further information here on their website.

While Children Are in HEOSC Care

Children will be washing their hands as soon as they enter program and as they leave program. All surfaces will be sanitized with a diluted bleach solution and a Viper Broad Spectrum Cleaner. Sanitization of all surfaces will happen before the children enter the room in the morning for Before School Care, after they head off to school, again the the afternoon before After School Care and at 5:30pm. All toys that were used each day will be run through the dishwasher and/or spray sanitized daily. Masks are optional for children. If you would like to send your child with a mask feel free to do so.